How to apply

We have a strong desire to create a brighter future through partnerships and a culture of positivity and optimism. For many years, we have supported projects that contribute to the local communities in which we operate.

We generally prioritise projects that support the global nature of our business. However, we receive many more requests than we can accommodate, and so have identified two global themes that we focus on. 

Disaster relief & preparedness

We give priority to projects that help alleviate the impact of natural disasters and increase access to essential goods and services for the communities affected.

Empowering trade

We give priority to projects that encourage new social and economic opportunities for underprivileged communities through local and global trade. We remove barriers and provide access to global value chains.

Who we support

Safmarine will give priority to projects that involve our key customers and reputable third-party organisations or non-government organisations. We only consider donations and sponsorships for individuals in exceptional circumstances or when the individual in question is associated with a reputable third-party organisation.

Who we do not support

All of our donation and sponsorship decisions take into account the Maersk Group’s company reputation and values. We do not support initiatives, projects or groups that we believe do not match our values or live up to our company policies:

How to apply for support from Safmarine

If you would like our support, please complete the sponsorship & donations request form and send it to You should receive a response within 30 working days.

Please note that Safmarine will not accept donation or sponsorship requests via personal emails or in hard copy.

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