Diversion Request

Diversion requests should be submitted using this form. All diversions are subject to operational feasibility and approval, and may take up to 72 hours to process.

For Waybills, the requester must be a party to Safmarine’s Transport Document and the shipper retains right of control until delivery. For Negotiable Transport Documents, only the lawful BL holder that is party to the contract of carriage has the right to request a diversion. Please refer to requester’s warranties below.

This form is not applicable for RETURN or RE-EXPORT SHIPMENTS. Please contact customer service.


Diversion Type Diversion Fee
Port of Discharge Change (up to 4 restows) $300 per container
Port of Discharge Change (greater than 4 restows) $300 per container + Operational cost*
Port of Discharge Change (zero restows)  $300 per Bill of Lading**
Change in Inland Location  $200 per Bill of Lading 

*Operational cost will be provided based on feasibility and approval from Operations team.

**$300 per container will be charged if request is made less than 96 hours prior to discharge.

  • All Freight charges are subject to contract filed; Safmarine tariff rates will be applicable if the new requested destination is not covered in the service contract(s).
  • While Safmarine will make every attempt to accommodate the requester’s change in destination, the request CANNOT BE GUARANTEED. The status of the request may change at any time because of various operational constraints and other considerations.
  • Once the Diversion is confirmed, if applicable please send a revised Delivery Order to deliveryorder@safmarine.com

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The requester warrants as follows:

  • We hereby acknowledge that the original bill of lading is in my possession or otherwise in our control. We further understand that the full set of original bills of lading must be surrendered to Safmarine, before Safmarine will issue new original bills of lading. If the original bill of lading is issued “To order” or “To order of a bank”, all returned originals must be endorsed. If the original bill of lading is issued as a straight consignment, returned originals need not be endorsed. We undertake to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Safmarine (and its agents and representatives) from any and all consequences (economic, pecuniary or otherwise, including liabilities, fines, fees and damages) arising out of or connected to our failure to comply with this provision [NOT APPLICABLE TO SEA WAYBILLS].
  • We hereby acknowledge that non-compliance with all applicable regulations, including, but not limited to road weight restrictions, will result in cancellation of the diversion and/or termination of the contract of carriage at the point at which the weight restricts further on-carriage of the container(s).
  • We warrant that Safmarine will not be responsible for demurrage resulting from executing the requested diversion. We will pay all demurrage incurred, including for weekends and holidays.
  • We warrant that in the event that the requested diversion is operationally impractical or otherwise cannot be provided, Safmarine will not be responsible for any and all costs we have incurred or may incur.
  • We agree to pay all charges in accordance with the diversion instructions provided to Safmarine. I understand that these charges must be paid in full prior to delivery.
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