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With access to the world’s largest shipping network, we help companies large and small connect with key markets around the globe.

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Undo the booking suspense with Safmarine Spot

Safmarine Spot, an efficient way to avoid the perils of overbooking, vague pricing, and complex booking process.

Ocean transport

Your cargo's seamless journey begins here! We work with you to provide best-in-class ocean services and a vast network of shipping routes for a wide range of goods.

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Inland and cargo services

We combine our local expertise and wide intermodal network to deliver an efficient and straightforward logistics experience.

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Financial services

As global trade experts, we can make your dreams happen. Our range of financial services include:

Financial Services

Together we will continue to go places

As of 1st of October, the Safmarine brand will gradually begin to integrate into Maersk.

Digital solutions

Our digital solutions are designed with you in mind. Safmarine's industry-leading online tools will make your logistics journey simple and transparent.

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