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At present we have Container Yard (CY) acceptance at Shuwaikh and Shuaiba Terminal. Shuwaikh Port is served by US flagged vessels only. In case of any exception required, please check with our operations department


The Kuwaiti authorities have banned the import of alcoholic beverages, gambling machines and pornographic materials. Pork and pork products are also strictly prohibited to be imported into the country. 

Weight / Measurement: 

There is no weight limitation other than the maximum weight as stipulated on the Container Safety Convention (CSC) plate of the container. 

Shuwaikh and Shuaiba port’s gantry crane has maximum weight limitation of 40 metric tons. For overweight containers discharged, double handling charges are imposed (i.e. containers more than 24 mts/20' and 30 mts/40' & 45'; an additional cost of KWD 22/20', KWD 38/40', and KWD 50/45'). 

The Port will levy a fine of Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) 150 per container if its weight exceeds gantry weight limit or Container Safety Convention (CSC) plate limit.

Break Bulk and Out of Gauge cargo need prior confirmation from Safmarine Kuwait prior loading at origins, and must be direct delivery upon arrival into Kuwait. Additional discharge cost for Out of Gauge cargo is based on unitized amount of Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) 15 per container and subject to all other charges.

For cargo over 29 metric tons, retunes via mail to is mandatory prior acceptance and loading of cargo at origin in order to arrange special cranes.  Failing in sending request prior loading of container will be concluded as erroneous declaration and container will be either kept onboard or will incur claims fine.

Import Documentations: 

No amendments to be made on transport documents (Bills of Lading/Seaway Bill) 96 hours prior vessel arrival at destination (Kuwait) without destination office approval. For Local Exports from U.A.E. due to short transit time, deadline will be 48 hours prior vessel arrival at destination. Also, any amendments prior deadline but after BL manifestation in GCSS would require mandatory approval from destination office. 

In the case of switch bills of lading and foreign consignee's (consignee out of Kuwait), details of the cargo receiver in Kuwait must be updated 96 hours prior cargo discharge at Kuwait, Amendments after deadline would require mandatory approval from destination 

Acceptance of split B/L manifested with multiple consignee's under one container is not permitted. 

For commodities cars shipment, as per Kuwaiti customs regulations multiple cars under one bill of lading on single person name is not allowed (i.e. each person can import one (1) car only). In case of non-adherence all related customs penalties and charges will be on the responsibility of the origin shipper. 

Special note for shipment in transit to Iraq, a clause needed to be added in the transportation document (Bill of Lading). 

i.e. in description part to read 'CARGO IN TRANSIT TO IRAQ'.

Special cargoes: 

  • Hazardous (IMO) cargo is subject to approval from prior acceptance and loading.
  • No Less Container Load (LCL) or Container Freight Station (CFS) delivery is acceptable.

Transshipment of IMO Cargo via Jebel Ali: 

For transshipment at Jebel Ali, if approval is provided then a transport cost to/from safety area of USD 225 will be applicable, plus USD 25 per hour for a fire guard from the time of discharge to the time of loading. 

IMO class 1 in transit needs an approval too and must be obtained before the container is loaded from the origin country. 

Documentation requirements for transshipment cargo: 

1. Original letter from the Ministry of Interiors of the importing Country stating clearly that ""the Ministry of Interiors has no objection if the consignee (Company as mentioned in the BL) imports the following items..."" (Items listed should be complete and similar to the B/L description).

2. The Import License of the Consignee. 

Documents 1 and 2 should be attested by the UAE Consulate in the importing Country. In the absence of a Consulate, the above documents should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the importing Country.

The above attested copies should be counter attested in Dubai by:

  • The Consulate of the importing country in the UAE
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE

The following documents should be submitted to the UAE Police for an NOC along with the above mentioned 2 attested documents:

  • Manifest
  • Packing List
  • DCR Manifest
  • Invoice (Clearly mentioning the Consignee's full name & address)

Discrepancy in the documents is strictly prohibited. 

3. Deadlines Documents to be presented to 12 days prior to arrival

Vehicle Restrictions:

  • Cars over 40 years old (classic cars) are allowed to import only on a PERSONAL name.
  • As per Kuwait customs regulations multiple cars under one bill of lading on single person name is not permitted.
  • One person can import ONLY 1 car on his personal name.
  • Since we do not provide LCL or CFS related services ONLY 1 car per person is allowed under direct ML B/L in a container (1 Car / 1 Person per bill of Lading/Container).
  • 2 or more cars in a container ONLY permitted if booked on a Forwarder’s house B/L.
  • Cars over 5 years old are not allowed to be imported into Kuwait (i.e. cars should not be older than 5 years when land/discharged in Kuwait)
  • All vehicles require to be manifested with Chassis Number, Model and Year of Manufacture details.

ALL vehicle shipments or personal effects with vehicle require destination approval prior place a quotation or booking. Party requesting a quote/booking must send to their local office the approval attained by the consignee from Kuwait custom/Traffic Dept for the vehicle in question, else the request will be rejected.

Shuaiba Port Handling and Storage of IMCO / DG Cargo:

IMDG Class 1 – Explosives cargo strictly not allowed discharge in Shuaiba, Kuwait

IMDG Class 2.1,3,4.1,4.02,5.1,6.1 and 6.2 – Allowed Discharge in Shuaiba, Kuwait but on direct delivery basis only

Other IMDG Classifications not mentioned above –  Allowed discharge in Shuaiba, Kuwait but maximum port stay in the terminal is 5 working days to complete customs and EPA formalities in order to release said IMCO cargo from the terminal.

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