What does LT stand for? What does on-carriage mean? What's a time charter?

Shipping jargon and terminology can be confusing. In this section, we explain the meaning of the most commonly used international shipping terms.

If you still need a specific shipping term explained in detail, simply contact your nearest Safmarine office – we’re happy to help.

EAN barcodes are used to communicate a cargo’s country of origin. There are eight digits in an EAN 8 barcode. The first two characters are used to define the country of origin, the next five are data, followed by the checksum. Two and five-digit supplemental codes are also supported
Income after a company's taxes and all other expenses have been deducted. Also referred to as profit or net income.
Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR)
A document used when receiving or delivering a full or empty container/chassis at any terminal or inland container pool/depot.
Error List
A report showing discrepancies (errors) in data input.