What does LT stand for? What does on-carriage mean? What's a time charter?

Shipping jargon and terminology can be confusing. In this section, we explain the meaning of the most commonly used international shipping terms.

If you still need a specific shipping term explained in detail, simply contact your nearest Safmarine office – we’re happy to help.

Joint Rate
A rate from a point located on one transportation line to a point on another transportation line that is published in a single tariff. OR A single rate charged by two or more carriers to transport a shipment of goods.
A single rate applied to a shipment that is carried by two or more carriers.
Jones Act
Section 27 of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, requiring that all shipments by water between ports in the United States (including Puerto Rico) be carried by US-flagged, US-built, and US-crewed vessels.
Journal of Commerce
A trade publication about transportation.
A biweekly magazine published in the USA that focuses on topics and issues that concern global trade.
A method of inventory control, in which warehousing is minimal or non-existent. The container is seen as a moveable warehouse and must arrive ‘just in time’, (i.e. not too early and not too late).