Gothenburg terminal lockout

Update  22nd May 2017

The lockout in the port of Gothenburg started on Friday the 19th (16:00h) as no agreement was reached between the two parties. We have our first vessel in the terminal today handled according to the new limitations and operations are going according to plan.

20’Dry:  from today we have opened acceptance of 20’DV export bookings with port of loading Gothenburg.

Update 19th May 2017

There are no news with regards to the status of the conflict between the terminal and the union and hence we expect the lockout to commence today at 16h as previously communicated. All our preparations are based on the scenario that the lockout will go ahead. 

Omission: It has been confirmed that Merete Maersk / 721E, planned for 30th  of May, will omit Gothenburg. All import cargo will be discharged in Wilhelmshaven, Germany for further connection and as a result the cargo will be delayed into Sweden. All customers will be notified of exact plan once that is finalized next week. At this stage we do not have more details to share. Further to that, MSC Oscar, planned for 6th of June, will also omit as the terminal will then be closed due to national holiday.

Congestion: In line with the intensification of the conflict at Gothenburg port, there has been a substantial volume increase to the other Swedish ports. As a consequence of increased density and congestion at the ports we serve, together with increased costs for the expanded network, we have had to increase our congestion fee (CFO/CFD) in Gothenburg, and expand it to also cover all other Swedish ports. Please see attached advisory for all details.

• Download PDF here

Update 18th May – 15:00h

We can now confirm that we have opened acceptance for bookings in and out of Södertälje with a feeder solution via Bremerhaven. This is a result of our constant search for alternative options to alleviate the pressure off of Gothenburg. Products will be available in our website tomorrow.

Demurrage & Detention: Costs that arise as a result of this situation will be invoiced as per our normal process.

Update 18th May – 09:00h

Mary Maersk import: The final plan for Mary Maersk import has now been finalized and information has been shared by your customer service focal. Please reach out to us if you need further information about changes in the transport plan.

Mirror lock out APMT: We have not received any further news about the mirror lock out, hence we expect that it will be put in to effect as announced May 19th.

Late gate-in acceptance: Due to current situation in Gothenburg port, we will not accept any late arrival requests.

Updated 15 May 2017

Following the announcement that Mary Maersk / 720E will omit Gothenburg (planned for May 21st), we would like to advise that all imports will be discharged in Bremerhaven for further connection to Sweden. The final plan for all containers will be advised to all customers latest by Thursday (May 18th). We would like to kindly ask all our customers to return their empty containers as soon as possible, so that we can ensure a balanced equipment pools during this period.

Updated 12 May 2017

We would like to advise that in week 21, our services AE5 (vessel Mary Maersk, 720E) and L35 (vessel Annaba, 1721) will omit Gothenburg. We are currently working on providing alternative solutions and more information will be available as early as possible on Monday, 15th May. 

Updated 11 May 2017

A mirror lock out at APM Terminals in Gothenburg has been announced today, effective from 19th of May until 30th of June. During this period APM Terminals will be open from 7am to 4pm on working days and on weekends their standard opening hours will apply. APM Terminals have announced that their service will be limited during this period.

The mirror lock out has been announced as a consequence of the ongoing conflict between Hamnarbetarförbundets avdelning 4 and APM Terminals. More information can be found on

We have been impacted by limited capacity at the port of Gothenburg for a longer period of time and after today’s announcement we have decided to implement a booking stop from Gothenburg. The booking stop will be effective immediately and remain until we have a clear overview of how the announced mirror lock out will impact our capacity.

Meanwhile we are working hard to find alternative solutions to cater to your cargo and we are investigating all possibilities to increase our capacity from other Swedish ports. We will revert to you as soon as we have more information to share.

Please reach out to our customer service teams if you have any concerns.

Best regards,

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