A smarter way to make payment

As your shipping partner, Safmarine would like to ensure a positive shipping experience for you. This is why we give you an option to pay for your invoices using your card. Card payments are easier, faster and more convenient - truly a smarter way to make payment.

Paying smarter has its benefits

  • Instant freight release
  • We absorb the credit card fees
  • It is fast and easy
  • Get credit days from credit your card provider

We're happy to serve your needs and to answer any questions you may have. For more details, please download our FAQs, MyFinance Manual or feel free to reach out to your local Safmariner.


*The terms and conditions for payment with credit cards between you and your credit card issuer apply. This includes customer acceptance of responsibility for any fees, such as foreign exchange and administrative, that are billed by the card issuing bank on the customer statement.

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