Surcharges & Fees

Ever wondered how the total cost of shipping your consignment from point A to point B is arrived at? Well, wonder no more.

We have always prided ourselves on being a reliable and transparent partner. With this in mind, we’ve attempted to explain the structure of your shipping cost by giving you an overview of how surcharges are levied.

For a detailed description of all Surcharges and Fees, please download the document to the right or see here for information on some of the most common mandatory surcharges.

For more information on actual surcharges that apply to your specific shipment, please get in touch with a Safmarine office near you.


Before 1 September 2016, Safmarine as part of Maersk Line announced container shipping rates. From 1 September 2016, we indicate the new rate in full. 

For more information see here

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