Rate Of Exchange

Dear Customers,

We apply the “Danish National Bank selling rate” from 7 days before the ETA/ETD towards cross-currency shipments. A cross-currency shipment is one where the rates are quoted in one currency (i.e. USD), while the actual invoice is in another currency (i.e. EUR). The selling rate is the rate, which would normally be available for currency transactions.

*As from 1st May 2019 we will apply the Danske Bank selling rate plus +1%

Previous day’s exchange rate from Danish National Bank is posted as the following day’s ROE in our accounting systems.

Export Invoices: 6 days before estimate departure date at port of loading of the first vessel.

Import Invoices: 6 days before estimate arrival date at port of discharge of the last vessel.

(Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: If the ROE date calculation results in a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday the first available business day before the event will be taken).

Manual Invoices: ROE as per invoice creation date

Credit memos: ROE in credits is always the same of the original invoice.

NOTE: The rates of exchange used herein are guiding only and may be subject to updates and corrections at any time without notice. Governing rate(s) of exchange are those applied in Maersk Line’s official invoice(s). For specific details of the applicable exchange rate(s), kindly contact your local Maersk Line office/care agent.

Please find the dates in the PDF to the right, using the formula above quoted.

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