Local Surcharges

Garments on Hangers Service HEC Garments on Hangers USD 1000/20' ; USD 2,000/40' per Container
Manual Documentation Fees MDF Manual Documentation Fee (SI instructions ) AED 300 per B/L
Origin Documentation Fee ODF B/L Fee (Exports) AED 475 Bill of Lading
Destination Documentation Fee DDF B/L Fee (Imports) AED 475 Bill of Lading
Transport Document Issuance Service BLF Reissuance of B/L Fee (Exports/Imports/Cross Trade) AED 475 Bill of Lading
Amendment Fee (Exp/Imp) AME / AMI Amendment Fee USD 25 Amendment
Electronic Cargo Release Service TLE / TLI B/L Surrender Fee / e-release AED 250 Bill of Lading
Container Service (Exp/Imp) CSO / CSD Shifting charges from terminal to CFS (Container Freight Station) AED 260/20' ; AED 320/40' per Container
Reefer Monitoring / Plug-in Service RFM Reefer monitoring charges / Plug In AED 160 per Container, per day
IMO Sticker Affixing / Removal ILO / ILD IMCO STICKER AFFIXING / REMOVAL SURCHARGE AED 45 per sticker
Extra Seal Charge ESC Additional Seal AED 35 per seal
Shifting container to CFS CFE Shifting charges to a private CFS AED 310/ 20' ; AED 410 /40' per Container
Addional Export Service ASE Change of Vessel / Cancellation /Shut Out Charges AED 200 per container
ASE Lift On Lift off AED 280 per Container
ASE Change of Stack USD 50 per Container
ASE Change of Status USD 50 per Container
ASE Top Stowage surcharge - to check AED 100 per Container
ASE Change of Vessel Cancellation (shut out at ship side) AED 250 per TEU
ASE Fitting and Removing Tarpaulins AED 120 /20'; AED 240/40' per Container
ASE Inter Terminal Transfers (Transfer between Terminals) AED 155/20' ; AED 255/40' per Container
ASE Grounding Charges AED 155 per Container
ASE Container Re-instating after load list closure USD 300 per Container
ASE Hazardous Containers - IMDG Violation AED 2400 per Container
ASE Daily Temperature Reading Charge USD 25 Per Day
ASE Use of Special Equipment (emergency gear) AED 625 per Lift
Late Payment Fee LPF 15th Day Onwards USD 100 per Bill of Lading
Certificate Charge (Exp/Imp) OCG / DCG Certificate Charge AED 200 per Certificate
Custom Clearance (Exp/Imp) CCO / CCD Vas services - customs doc fee AED 500 per b/l within Jal Free zone
AED 350 per b/l outside JAL free zone
Garments on Hangers Service HEC Garments on Hangers USD 600/20' ; USD 1,000/40' per Container
Change of Destination COD Change of Destination USD 300 per Container
Waiting Time (Exp/Imp) WTO / WTD Inland Haulage Waiting Time Fee AED 100 per Day
Genset Service (Exp/Imp) OGS / DGS GENSET CHARGES AED 800 per Container
Export Service EXP SEAL CHARGE AED 20 per Container
Switch Transport Document Service SWC Switch B/L Fee USD 250 Bill of Lading
Freight Collection (Origin/Dest) CLO / CLD Freight Collection Fees AED 250 per B/L
Addional Import Service ASI BANK GUARANTEE FEE (Lost B/L) USD 100 per Bank Guarantee
ASI LOI FEE (RNA) AED 100 per Indemnity
ASI Container Re-instating AED 200 per Container
ASI Change of Status USD 50 per Container
ASI Overweight Surcharge AED 1300 per Container
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Safmarine UAE

Safmarine UAE
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39th Floor Sheikh Zayed Road
P.O. Box 50720
Dubai United Arab Emirates
+971 4 3326800
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