Country requirement & restriction

Import procedures

Manifest Amendment procedures:

Amendments can be processed without destination approval before manifest validation by the carrier

After manifest submission and validation, below charges apply for each amendment type per BL in Angola.

Below are the types of amendment which requires approval from customs

A. Below manifest amendments require approval from Angola customs.

  • Amendment on Consignee
  • Notify Party name
  • Amendment on Cargo description

No split BLs are allowed…. only short or operational shipment and combined BLs.

B. Manifest Amendment that does not requires Angola Customs’ approval neither charges

  • Amendment on Seal Number
  • Amendment on CNCA

Procedure to be followed for all the amendments, check for the charges below for each type of amendment

  • If the shipment is negotiable, 3/3 OBL should be surrendered at any of the Maersk offices and GCSS shipment notes (user define) should be updated on the same.
  • Proceed with the changes only after confirming the possession of the obls with any Maersk Line office and after informing consignee that amendment must be finalised at customs.
  • The charges should always be paid by Consignee here at destination
  • Consignee must approach destination office at Customer Service department.  They should come along with the amendment letter stamped and signed requesting the amendment.
  • The amendment fee to be paid at destination is USD 150/BL excluding customs fines 70.000 AOA / BL also to be paid as additional charge.
  • 100 USD for OBL issuance

Restrictions Comments
Second hand cars and trucks All cars more than 3 years and trucks more than 5 years are not allowed for importation to Angola any longer.Effective 15 September 2010 (Presidential Decree no. 135/10 )
Acceptance Comments
Weight Limit Luanda: 35 MT gross weight. i.e. total cargo and container weight
Lobito: 31 MT gross weight. i.e. total cargo and container weight.
Namibe: 40 MT gross weight. i.e. total cargo and container weight.
Sonils, Porto Amboim and Soyo35 MT gross weight. i.e. total cargo and container weight. For break bulk cargo crane max. lifting capacity is 144MT
Cabinda 35 MT gross weight. i.e. total cargo and container weight. For break bulk cargo crane max. lifting capacity is 45MT
OOG Only accepted after approval of dimensions. It is recommended that over height cargo does not exceed 2,90 meters.
IMO Luanda port: IMO cargo class 1 and 7 must only to be handled by direct delivery. IMO cargo class 5.1 can stay in the yard a maximum of 48 hours. Cost incurred due to delay in discharge will be charged to the customer. No restrictions for all other IMO cargo.
Namibe and Lobito port: All IMO cargo must only be handled by direct delivery. Written confirmation from Port is required. Please contact your Customer service agent to obtain confirmation.
Reefer Accepted in Luanda, Lobito, Namibe, Soyo and Cabinda.
Special Equipment 45’ containers accepted. 45' trucks not available in the port, thus customer is required to arrange its own transportation.
Requirements Comments
B/L clause/ documentation Every Bill of landing has to be accompanied by a loading certificate/waiver: ARC number (Attestation de reservation de Calle) also known as CNCA (Conselho Nacional de Carregadores). This number must be indicated in the BL.
Special Customs requirement Effective from 17th August 2009Angolan Customs requires, for cargo release, presentation of Original Bill of Lading stamped by the carrier. No sea waybills are accepted for Customs clearance.
Other Comments
Freight collect Angola is a restricted pay at country. No BL's are to be billed as collect. Individual exceptions must be approved by ANGSCLMNG or ANGFINMNG
Import procedures -Regarding vehicles cargo: The chassis number must be stated on the Bill of lading
-Please note all LCL cargo, containerized vehicles and cargo consigned to freight forwarders or shipping agents will be sent to Deconsolidation terminal upon arrival.
BL Manifest Please note any amendment of BL after submission of manifest to the Angolan customs authorities are subject to fines which must be settled in Angola before cargo release.
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