Custom House Brokerage

Core products


Export customs clearance

EPZ Export Customs Clearance  

  • Custom Clearance/Agency Charges for Out-bound FCL
  • Cargo going out of Bangladesh (please see the disclaimers mentioned below)


Non-EPZ Export Customs Clearance

  • Custom Clearance/Agency Charges for Out-bound FCL
  • Cargo going out of Bangladesh (please see the disclaimers mentioned below)


Import customs clearance

Apparel Related Import Clearance

  • Custom Clearance/Agency Charges for In-bound FCL
  • Cargo into Bangladesh (please see the disclaimers mentioned below)


Industry related Import Clearance 

  • Custom Clearance/Agency Charges for In-bound FCL
  • Cargo into Bangladesh (please see the disclaimers mentioned below) 


Electronics Import Clearance

  • Custom Clearance/Agency Charges for In-bound FCL
  • Cargo into Bangladesh (please see the disclaimers mentioned below)



  • Receptible charges are passthrough and payable at actual.
  • Commission 0.12% applicable on Commercial Invoice value.
  • For any additional/adhoc service, relevant charges will be applicable.
  • This offer is not applicable for project cargo.
  • Export on re-import basis, etc. are not considered.
  • This offer is applicable for garments, apparels, man-made staple fibres, textiles, cotton piece goods, vegetable textile fibres, paper yarn, woven fabrics of paper yarn only.
  • Its subject to the presence of all required clean documents.
  • Non-traditional commodities are not covered by this offer.
  • Commodities excluded: Metal Scrap, Wastepaper, Timber, Agri products, Personnel and personal effects, Used Goods, Foodstuff, Rejected re-import, Furniture, Traded Commodities & Toys.
  • Insurance for the cargo to be covered by Consignee / Importer during transit and at all time.
  • Any other statutory VAT/Taxes will be levied extra as per Government / NBR regulation.
  • All Services provided by MAERSK are subject to MAERSK Group standard trading conditions.
  • If the charges are paid locally (in Bangladesh) then Invoice will be created in BDT and accordingly payment should be made in BDT (as per exchange rate).
  • For the first shipment handling it will take at least 7 days for shipment processing and necessary code creation for billing/other system update after getting all required data/info.


Additional Custom House Brokerage services

Beyond acquiring clearances, we also offer requirement-based consultation and procedural assistance for your cargo:

  • Issuance of Certificate of Origin (COO) - You may be required to declare that your cargo is produced in a specific country, to determine whether it's eligible for entry or entitled for any preferential treatment.
  • NOC from Assistant Drug Controller - If your cargo comprises of chemicals then we can help in obtaining the NOC at the port, which serves as a concrete proof for undergoing the necessary quality checks.
  • Plant Quarantine Certificate - Consignments containing perishables undergo isolated tests to ensure that they are disease and pest-free. We take care of the complete process until the certification is acquired
  • KYC verification - We help you with the KYC verification from the local Commisionerate office. Without this one-time registration, SB/BOE is generally not processed by the customs.
  • Bank registration - We also assist in the registration of AD and IFSC codes with the EDI Department, because both are needed for foreign exchange and Duty Drawback Scheme respectively.
  • Duty payment and consultation - On behalf of the importer – we process duty advancement to the customs. Along with that, we also provide consultancy services for goods classification.
  • Export incentive consulting - We offer export incentive consultation for the Duty Drawback Scheme (DBK - 74 & 75), the Merchandise Export from India Scheme (MEIS Scheme) and EPCG.
  • Import license registration - To make imports easier in the future, we help the first-time importers in acquiring licenses from local Customs authorities.  


What is required to complete Customs House Brokerage?


  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Export Declaration



  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Original Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of Origin/Catalogue/Literature
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Purchase Order, L/C if any
  • Any other relevant documents.


For Abbreviations & Explanations, please check shipping terms.




Q: What can hold up my Customs Clearance?
A: A variety of reasons can hold up a clearance, to name a few but not limited to, would be awaiting mandatory documents, awaiting payment, customs holds, Port Authority holds and vessel delays.

Q: What is a Deferment Account?
A: A deferment account is an account registered with customs, which allows the customer to make Duty & local tax payments in a secure way. This initiates a smoother, quicker customs clearance, avoiding additional delays.

Q: What if I do not have a Deferment Account?
A: Damco/Maersk can help by guiding you through the process, providing a simplified answer to a complicated process

Q: What is an Importer/Exporter code?
A: An Importer/Exporter code is a unique identifier which is required by all parties for all imports & exports. 

Q: What is a classification number HS Code?
A: A classification number is a unique 8 digit code that relates to a specific product and determines the correct classification in the customs tariff

Q: Why do I need to provide a classification number HS Code?
A: Correct classification of goods is critical to identification of cargo’s arriving into Bangladesh.

Q: Who will invoice me for my Customs Clearance?
A: Damco will raise the invoice for customs clearance and any additional land side logistic services purchased.

Q: I am not sure how to classify new products. Can you help?
A: Yes. We can assist with determining the correct tariff classification and applicable duty and taxes. We will require a thorough description of the product along with the country of origin.

Q: How do I set up an account?
A: The following documents are required to set up an account:

  • GAA: General Agency Agreement, to be completed and signed by the Importer giving authority to Damco to act on their behalf.
  • Duty and tax bond letter. We can assist you with any further details. 


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