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Revision in Detention Tariff for Import Container


Dear Customer, 

We are committed on providing you with the best-in-class services. In order to ensure seamless service, please note we are reviewing our detention period slabs for import shipments into Bangladesh as below:


Charge Type: Import Detention

Effective from: 15th October2018

Scope: Import from World to Bangladesh


Detention charge for DRY container at Chittagong and Mongla:


Day Range 20 40 40H 45H
1st - 4th NIL NIL NIL NIL
5th - 7th USD 12 USD 20 USD 23 USD 25
8th - 10th USD 20 USD 40 USD 46 USD 50
11th - Onwards USD 40 USD 80 USD 88 USD 100


Detention charge for DRY container at Dhaka ICD and Pangaon:

Day Range 20 40 40H
1st - 4th NIL NIL NIL
5th - 7th USD 15 USD 18 USD 21
8th - 10th USD 30 USD 36 USD 42
11th - Onwards USD 50 USD 72 USD 84


Detention charge for Special type (Flat rack/Open Top) container at Chittagong and Mongla:

Day Range 20 40/40H
1st-4th NIL NIL
5th-7th USD 18 USD 36
8th-10th USD 36 USD 72
11th - Onwards USD 72 USD 144


Detention charge for REEFER container at Chittagong, Mongla and Pangaon:

Day Range 20 RF 40 RF 40HRF
1st-2nd NIL NIL NIL
3rd-4th USD 22 USD 42 USD 42
5th-6th USD 33 USD 63 USD 64
7th - Onwards USD 55 USD 126 USD 126
  • Plug-in/monitoring charge for reefer container is $10.35 per day per container, applicable from the date of discharge.

Any Detention Invoice issued on or after 15th October 2019 will be calculated with above tariff. The method is indifferent for any import shipment for which Detention is chargeable irrespective of standard or special free time deal.

For any query please reach out to our import customer service team. Thanks for your continuous support, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your local sales or customer service representative.

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