Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

Effective July 1st, 2016, every packed export container is required to have a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) as a condition of loading aboard a vessel. Safmarine supports this requirement as it promotes safety across the industry, including for our customers and their cargoes, landside personnel and subsequently our employees and vessels.

Who Submits the VGM to Safmarine?
As per the SOLAS requirement, the Shipper noted on the Bill of Lading will be the party responsible for providing the carrier and the terminal operator the VGM. In the case of Safmarine, the VGM information flow will begin with the Shipper who submits the information to Safmarine, who subsequently sends the information to the terminal. In the instance that a Shipper uses the terminal’s weighing service to obtain VGM data, the information will flow from the Terminal to the Shipper, who then submits the information to Safmarine. Often the Terminal will also send the VGM directly to Safmarine

How should I submit the VGM to Safmarine?
The preferred method for submission of a VGM to Safmarine is through one or any of the digital channels mentioned below:
• Via our website and login through our My Safmarine portal.
• Via EDI message for customers sending booking or shipping instructions via EDI solutions with Safmarine.
• Via service portals such as INTTRA, GT Nexus and CargoSmart.

What are the cut-offs for VGM submission?
As a general guidance, the VGM should be received by Safmarine prior to the cargo gate cut-off before loading the vessel.
We need to receive the VGM detail latest 24 hours before estimated vessel arrival.
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