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Regulation on Scrap Shipments

Benin Port Authorities (Port Autonome de Cotonou) implements a new regulation for all shipments of scrap to/from Cotonou.

Effective 6 August 2008, all shipments of any kind of scrap cargo should be submitted to the inspection of radioactive components and get the Certificate of Control of Risk (Certificat de Controle de isqué) prior its loading/unloading at the Port of Cotonou.

Cargo owner is accountable for the charges of the destruction of any “infected” cargo and all related cots ) transport, surestaries, port storage, etc

It is the responsibility of the cargo owner to contact above companies and get the Certificate of Control of Risk.

As carrier, Safmarine requests this certificate from the shipper/consignee before loading/unloading such cargo.

Cargo Tracking Note (CTN)

As of October 1, 2007 a “Cargo Tracking Note” (CTN) is mandatory for all cargo entering, departing, or transiting via the port of Cotonou. The shipper is responsible for obtaining the cargo tracking note from Phoenix Europe or one of their appointed agents as listed on »

In the event that a shipment arrives at the port of Cotonou without a valid CTN the client will be fined XOF 50,000 (approximately USD 100) per Bill of lading plus the fee for the CTN.

All clients must be informed that the CTN is mandatory as per Beninese law, but that in the event of the Bill of lading not having a valid CTN we can still load the cargo.

It should be clear, that we as carrier can accept a shipment whether it has a Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) attached or not.

All information regarding the CTN is provided by the CNCB (Conseil National des Chargeurs du Benin) and their agent, Phoenix Europe.

For further information please consult »

Special Customs Requirements

Beninese customs can seize all cargo idling over 120 days in the port of Cotonou. Safmarine Benin has no power to prevent this.

In the event of container seizure and that we cannot trace the consignee and contact them we will attempt to collect all outstanding charges from the shipper. Please contact ( for more information.

Customs Regulation for cargo in Transit to Niger

Please be advised that effective from April 1, 2008 all shipments in transit to Niger going through Benin port are subject to the payment of a cash deposit amounting 5.2% of the cargo CIF value. Same will be refunded to the importer/consignee based on below mandatory conditions:

  • The goods have effectively crossed Benin/Niger border
  • The goods have effectively been cleared in Niger, and manifested under “Consumption” regime

It is therefore required from importers/consignees to provide the necessary documents within 15 days after the delivery order issued by Benin customs. Failing to provide the documents on time will lead to automatic cancellation of the refund process.

Restrictions – Documentation

No acceptance for LCL cargo. Each container must have maximum one bill of lading. Multiple Bills of Lading per container is not acceptable.

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