Customs formalities

Siscarga System

Siscarga is the automated system for Brazilian Customs and its implementation has the objective of controlling the entrance and exit of vessels on bonded ports, foreign cargo for imports, exports or in transit and empty containers transported by sea, since its manifest up to its delivery to the importer or exit of bonded territory, as well as plan customs inspection prior to cargo arrival, through risk analysis over informed data.


Instructions and tips on the sending of SI (Shipping Instruction)

- It will be charged LDS (Late Documentation Fee) of BRL 370.00 for shipping instruction submitted after its deadline, subject to cargo readiness approval

- Below information is mandatory in SI:

  • Shipper with CNPJ, in the same field;
  • SD / DUE if exists;
  • Terms of payment (collect/prepaid) and payers;
  • NCM (Common Nomenclature of the Mercosul), following format: “NCM:”;
  • Cubical Metric;
  • Gross weight in kilograms;
  • Seal of container.
  • VGM is mandatory (it may be submitted until cargo deadline)

    - SI's must be sent without special characters

    - It is mandatory all cargo description in English. If necessary to add description in other language, it must be followed by exactly translation in English

    - We don’t accept amendment for container number. A new SI is necessary whenever any amendment in container number is necessary or SI is rejected


    Dangerous Cargo (IMO) shipment

    - It’s mandatory to send an email to with following documents signed by shipper in one single PDF:

  • MDGF (Multimodal Dangerous Good Form) in English and in Portuguese;
  • MSDS in English
  • FISPQ (Ficha de Informação de Produto Químico) in Portuguese;
  • Emergency Chart (Anexo VIII da NR 29) in Portuguese;
  • Declaração de Mercadorias Perigosas (Anexo VII da NR 29) in Portuguese
  • Container tank certificate (in case it`s an isotank container)

We'd like to reinforce that whenever there's a vessel change on your booking, a new MDGF must be sent with the new vessel nominated, as well as the Emergency Chart.
The deadline for sending these documents is 48 hours prior to SI deadline, weather your cargo is loading on a Maersk or partner's vessel.


Out-of-Gauge cargo (OOG) shipments – Procedures:

Booking confirmation is only a pre-approval. For the final approval, it’s mandatory to send the original Lashing Certificate to our local representative (Oceanus Agencia Maritima) and send it via email to




For Late Arrival Request (deadline extension request) for Gate (cargo) and/or Customs (documentation / draft), please send an email to at least two hours before original deadline;

For Deadline Extension to submit your shipping instruction (SI), please send an email to, containing:

* booking number

* container number

* Port of loading

* Vessel and voyage

* Day and time for the extension needed, at least one hour before original deadline, it will be analyzed and cargo readiness will revert soon.



Instructions and cost for BL amendment:

BL amendment can be submitted via our website

Until load on vessel date – No cost

As from departure up to 6 days after vessel departure (if not manifested yet) – BRL 450 per BL (items that do not impact export manifest or freight payment terms data)

As from 7th day after vessel departure – BRL 700 per BL + presentation of LOI (items to be checked with customer service contact)


Transport certificate (CER) - BRL 350 per BL


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