Depot & Detention

Export Release / Liberação de contêiner

To coordinate equipment release, please access / Para coordenar a liberação de contêiner, favor acessar:




Export Detention | from empty pick-up to gate-in Full at terminal.

“Detention” na exportação é contado desde o dia da retirada até a entrega do contêiner cheio no terminal.

Tariff in USD per day / Tarifa em Dolar por dia:


Days after free time expiration 20’ DRY 40’ / 45’ DRY 20’ Flat & Open top 40’ Flat & Open top 20’ REEF 40’ REEF IMO
Free Time
0 0 0 0 0
> 10       50  100  100  100  Same as SPECIAL
0-14  0  0          
>14  36 72
  • NOR same as DRY / NOR será o mesmo que o DRY

“Regarding export operations, in the event of cancellation or withdrawal of the operation/shipment, no free time period shall be granted, and the Merchant shall bear all detention rates, from the date the container (s) was (were) received, until the actual return of the container (s) in the Depot Terminal indicated by Carrier or its agent.
In addition, it will be applied cancellation fee of BRL 200 per container.
Full Demurrage and detention conditions/tariffs registered in the Documents Registry Notary Office in the city of Santos, under numbers 714.049; 714.050; 714.051.

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