Country requirement & restriction

Special Requirements:

Pallets or Pallet as a package type is not accepted as a manifested unit of measure for Exports, transhipment and freight remains on board for the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Placard and marking placement for rail cargo moving in North America must have placards affixed to the container 5 feet above the bottom rail.

Safmarine will not arrange a store door load at the personal residence of a private citizen.

B/L Clausing: 

  • Agreement on demurrage/detention charges and free days cannot be added to b/l bound for India.
  • Value of the goods cannot be added to Bs/l, unless an ad-valorem b/l is required.
  • Safmarine is not a conference line out of Canada, therefore b/l clauses/certificates requiring otherwise statement cannot be issued.

If any other certificate or further information is necessary, please contact our Customer Resource Centre department.

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