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Post Office Remittance, Overnight Mail for Checks and Original Bills of Lading:

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Payment Type Freight Release
Credit Cards in MyFinance Immediately Click here to learn how
SmartPay in MyFinance (ACH Debit) Immediately SmartPay Guide & FAQ
Wire Transfers After funds are received – may take up to 4 hours
ACH Credit After funds are received – may take 1-3 days
Credit Cards for Import Demurrage Immediately
Paper Check Up to 5pm EST date of receipt



Export Shipments Import Shipments
Satisfied Payment Satisfied Payment
Document Release Instructions (see below) Surrender of Bill of Lading
  Satisfied Demurrage


Release Location Description Initial Cost
Seaway Bills* Transport Document used for consignment;
No original Transport Document is needed for cargo release at destination
My.Safmarine** Original Transport Documents are released in electronic format with Safmarine electronic signature. A verify copy is released for review and prior to issuance of final bills. Bills may be printed in your own office. Subscribe on our website for alerts to let you know when your documents are available. FREE
Courier Release Originals transport documents are issued and sent via overnight courier service following a request to Prior to requesting release, you should review the verify copy which issued for verification purposes and make any necessary amendments. USD 90
Electronic Release Also known as a TELEX release. This option allows cargo to be released at destination upon proof of identity of the consignee without presentation of a physical Transport Document. All three (3) original B/Ls must be surrendered to or remain in the possession of the local Safmarine office. Requested by email to  USD 60
*Some locations may not accept SEAWAY bills for cargo release.

**Seaway bills should be printed on plain white paper if you elect to make hard copies for your records, and Original Negotiables must be printed on Safmarine security paper. A Safmarine Web Agreement is required for printing Originals - please contact Export Customer Service for information.

Invoices & Definitions: 

Ocean Freight Invoice – Automatically sent via email, fax or EDI (depending on customer setup). Export invoices are sent out 24 hours after the sail date of the shipment. Import invoices are sent our 5 days before the vessel ETA. 

Demurrage Invoice - Demurrage charges are applied for storage of containers while in the terminal, rail terminal, inland depot, or container yard. For Imports, demurrage is applied after the free time has expired, and ends the day when the container has been picked up and out gated; for Exports, demurrage is applied after free time has expired, and ends when a container loads the vessel from the terminal. Demurrage invoices are generated when the end activity occurs (gate-out or load).

Detention Invoice – Detention is a fee applied when cargo is outside of the port, terminal, or depot beyond the free time allotted. Detention is charged when containers have been picked up, but the container (regardless whether it’s full or empty) has not been returned within the allotted time. Detention invoices are generated weekly. 

Per Diem - Accrues when free time is exceeded under merchant haulage conditions (shipper arranges for equipment pick-up and return to terminal). Per Diem is payable to Safmarine by the trucker.

Miscellaneous Invoices - are created on an adhoc basis.

Account Statements - Customer statements are sent per the schedule agreed upon.

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5150 Spectrum Way
Suite 501
Mississauga ON
L4W 5G2
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