Local charges & surcharges

Safmarine is committed to secure operations and compliance with all Customs rules and authorities. 

Regulations for the importation of animal/meat products into (or through) the USA are administered by USDA FSIS (Food Safety and Inspection Service). Please refer to the below links to USDA FSIS site to confirm eligibility of importation of animal/meat products:


B/L Requirements: 

For shipments discharging in Canada where the B/L ends in Canada and has a U.S. consignee, the following clause MUST be added to the B/L: 

"In Transit to [YY]: Onward carriage from [XX] to [YY] is arranged by Merchant for account and risk of Merchant"

Where XX is the Canadian port of discharge/place of delivery and YY is the ultimate destination. This clause MUST be on the first line of the TPDoc cargo description to be visible to Canada Customs (CBSA).

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