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New documentation requirement for Drc 
All cargo arriving to and departing from DRC Cluster must be covered by below listed mandatory documents. These documents provide the relevant agencies with all information. 

The ECTN is an Electronic Cargo Tracking Notice. The ECTN number is known as the NVU (Numéro Visa Unique) and must be mentioned on the Bill of Lading. 

The ECTN is provided by OGEFREM agents at the loading port. The list of agents can be found on the website . The Congolese Control Office (the OCC) is charged with the control of the effective application of these measures at the arrival ports and the country borders of the DRC. The shipping line must ensure an ECTN is available before loading the cargo for Export. 

BIVAC (Bureau Veritas Certificate of Inspection) 

OFIDA, the customs authority in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has issued a statement reminding all parties about the need for every import shipment to have a Bureau Veritas Certificate of Inspection (the so called BIVAC certificate). Carriers are requested not to accept any cargo without a valid BIVAC number, and in case of none compliance cargo will be returned to port of loading at the exporter's expense. For any further queries we advise you to contact your local office Bureau Veritas or 

Following above, below documents must be compulsory be collected and their numbers mentioned on the Bill of Lading.








In case any of the documentation is not in order upon arrival of the vessels at the Port of Discharge, the shipping line will be fined for non-compliance. Any fines, costs and consequences will be debited to the origin offices (pro rata if needed) immediately for recovery from the shippers. These costs can’t be recovered from importers. 

Empty containers can be returning to Matadi port or Kinshasa depot which is subject to drop off fees. 

Please contact for further information.

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