Country requirement & restriction

General booking procedures

The bookings have to be placed either:

Booking details have to be submitted in writing and have to contain all valid details like:

  • cargo details (commodity, weight,measurement,etc)
  • container size
  • number and type of containers to be booked
  • discharge port
  • vessel (and voyage) to ship on
  • haulage details.

And any other important information

For carrier haulage bookings, we need a minimum of two days notice prior to the positionning date. Otherwise we cannot guarantee you to arrange your positioning as booked

General documentation procedures

"All charges should be "collect" for freight term collect on Transport Documenation Instruction."

Shipping instructions have to be sent to Maersk Congo by one of the following ways:

  • via e-mail to the following address:
  • via our Shipping Instruction application on the WEB at
  • via our Shipping Instruction application if you use Desktop Solution

Please note that by using the e-mail or the fax, your instruction are completely retyped and by using shipping instruction application on the web or on desktop solution, the instructions are taken over and are not changed in any way, unless by further notice from you.

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Republic of the Congo

Avenue Kaat Matou N°15 P.O.Box 876 Pointe Noire
+242 (94) 2325
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