Customs formalities

Unique Registration Number (URN) the only valid number which will appear from now on is the URN (Unique Registration Number), issued after payment (ECTN validation) by the shipper/forwarder during either import or export.

The URN number will only be available after ECTN validation and must be mentioned in both the Bill of Lading and's mandatory to update URN in shipment reference field in GCSS.

Amendment is not feasible for the bookings, if Issue Import Custom Manifest is closed, the exception is for URN/BESC/ECTN amendment. Shipper needs to contact his   consignee to request the approval directly from destination customs. 

Customs approval is not required for amendment related to URN/BESC/ECTN

Amendment charges too is not applicable for amendment related to URN/BESC/ECTNPlease click on below to find list of Agent that are entitle to deliver URN:CCG 


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