Local charges & surcharges

Charge  Amount in XOF  Invoicing 
Chargement sur camion tiers (Hinterland - propres moyens)  30,000  per teu 
Edition de BMC  8,500 per container
Origin Handlin Charge (replace RFM and PTI)  54,000  per teu
Documentation fees for cantainerised cargo (ESI, Non-ESI)  25,00 per B/L
ISPS  9,900 per teu
EXP SER  4,600 per teu
Issuance of Received for Shipment Bill of Lading 25,000 per B/L
BL correction after issuance of OBL 15,000* per B/L
Charges for amendment in Manifest* (except for customs penalties) 50,000 per request
Duplicate of Issuing Agent (Switch)* 5,000  
Telex Release charge* 30,000 per Telex
Change of Issuing Agent (Swicth)* 25,000 per B/L
Retention Request charge 20,000 per container
Change of Destination (COD) charge 50,000 per container
Delivery of Documents (BL, Invoince) on site (per document)*  5,000 per B/L
Late submission of SI  10,000 per B/L
Late pick up of obls*  15,000 per B/L
Non negotiable bl fees* 5,000 per B/L
Waiver Fee (per BL)* 10,000 per B/L
Certificate fee* 15,000 per container
Renomination admin fee* 40,000 per teu
Renomination admin fee *  25,000 per B/L
Bounced cheque 150,000  
Technical assistance  50,000 per day
TImbre pour lettre de voiture  4,000  
Gensets renting 100 euros/unit/day
Genset plugging  130 euros/unit/day
Lift on Lif off (LOLO) effective 1st August 2016 25,000 per teu
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