Depot, Demurrage & Detention

Demurrage: Compensation to Safmarine for container beyond the free time granted

Dry cargo 11 calendar days (including day of vessel arrival)
Reefer cargo 2 calendar days (including day of vessel arrival)
Charges per calendar day after free-time
Day Amount FCFA (XAF)
20' dry 1 - 11 5,800
12 onwards 10,600
40' dry 1 - 11 11,600
12 onwards 21,200
20' reefer 1 and onwards 37,500
40' reefer 1 and onwards 75,000

Detention: Detention Charges are applicable when the customer holds the line’s equipment longer than the agreed free time, detention days are counted from gate-out empty to gate-in full minus free days. Please find below export detention free time information and charges when agreed free time has been exceeded. These appear on applicable export shipments .

Export Detention Free Time
Freetime  starts on the 1st day after the container is picked up
Dry cargo 45days 
Reefer cargo 14days 
EXPORT DETENTION - Charges per calender day after freetime expires, applicable for importand export and subject to VAT
20' dry container Day 1-45 Xaf 7400
40' dry container Day 1-45 Xaf 15000
20’reefer container Day 1-14 Xaf 37500
40’reefer container Day 1-14 Xaf 75000

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