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New requirements from Custom authority for SWB shipments

Kindly note that Djibouti custom authority requires copy bill to be presented for all shipments effected on Sea Way Bill Shipped (SWB) terms. Currently Maersk is working through third party agents in Djibouti and the team in Djibouti do not have access to Maersk Line online systems. Hence, we kindly request you to send your SWB advises as below.

1. Send SWB advise message to Djibouti office once the SWB is issued.
2. Put the B/L number in the subject line and attach the SWB copy on same message.
3. Please address the message as follows:

To: and

The above is not applicable for Ethiopian Shipping Lines (ESL) shipments. ESL have individual agreement with customs and hence, custom authority do not require (at least so far) copy bill for ESL shipments.

In addition, the similar principle should apply for telex release update. If telex release is applied for specific shipment please send message to above indicated addresses immediately upon LAWFUL B/L HOLDER and RELEASE TO PARTY update is performed in GCSS.

1. Send message stating that telex release is applied (full set of OBL is surrendered at origin), put the B/L number in the subject line.
2. Send the RELEASE TO PARTY details as updated in GCSS for easy reference

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