Depot, Demurrage & Detention

Free Time


Effective 15th July 2020

Type of Container Dry Special (Open and Flat rack) Reefer
Days 21 10 3


As from 15th August 2020, Free Time and Demurrage & Detention tariffs will be applied based on the Effective Date of the deals in place at Price Calculation Date (PCD). 

Demurrage and Detention upon expiry of above free time; charged per calendar day, per container

Effective 15th July 2020

Days upon expiry of free time 20Dry 40Dry/40HDry/45HDry 20 Special 40 Special 20 Reefer 40 Reefer
1-10 days USD 20 USD 40 USD 30 USD 50 USD 40 USD 80
Above 10days USD 30 USD 60 USD 60 USD 100 USD 80 USD 160


Effective 1st July 2017, if any additional free time is offered, applicable demurrage and detention is charged based on progressive tiers. Reach out to  Sales or Customer Service Representative for more information.


Please refer to the Spot platform for Spot free time and tariffs applicable.

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