Inland Haulage

Take advantage of our new tool inland rates!

We have created an online site that guarantees you full access to our database so you can find our prices of Inland transport.

Knowing the rate you are looking for is as easy as entering the username and password, which we indicate below,:

Click here to access our Inland Rates!

User: apmdmz\invitado
Password: Intermodal1


  • If no port is selected, the three cheapest options appear
  • The price of the truck applies to containers 20 ', 40' and 45 'not having any charge by size of container
  • All prices are in Euros
  • The fuel surcharge is not included in the price
  • The fuel surcharge applies as follows:
  • Bilbao Port: 4%
  • In the case of not getting search results, click on any of the items listed on the top bar
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