Import Service restrictions

Weight restrictions

The maximum net weight or payload in Ghana is 30 metric tons.

Equipment restrictions

Aluminium containers are not accepted in Ghana. 45' containers can be accepted provided the twistlock locations are at 40' positions and weights conform to the acceptable limits.


The following import commodities are either prohibited or banned in Ghana:

  • Fireworks of all kinds;
  • Pornograhic materials; and
  • Military arms and ammunition (can only be imported with permit from the Ministry of Interior).

The law prohibiting the importation of overaged vehicles (over 10 years) has been repealed. Consequently importers can now bring in old cars but will be made to pay higher duty (300%).

Bill of lading clausing, documentation

Through bills of lading to inland points within Ghana are not acceptable.

Special customs requirements

Ghana has changed to the Destination Inspection Scheme (DIS).


Any amendments can be made 5 calendar days before vessel's arrival in Ghana. Approval must be sought for any amendments to be made after vessel's arrival, or after the shipment has been discharged.

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