Country requirement & restriction


  • Export of charcoal out of Guinea is not accepted.
  • Export of rough timber out of Guinea is not allowed, unless a written authorization from the Department of Forest is provided. 

Special customs requirements

US Customs do not accept the mentions

  • “Freight All Kind” and “General Merchandise” to describe commodities
  • “Pallets” to describe the type of package

Weight/ Measurement:

Container Type/Size
Weight limit
20 Dry
28 MT
40 Dry/High Cube
30 MT
45 Dry
Please contact our local office for information about our conditions of acceptance
20 Reefer
28 MT
40 Reefer/High Cube
30 MT
45 Reefer
Please contact our local office for information about our conditions of acceptance

Special Cargo

Break Bulk: Not accepted
Out of Gauge: Accepted
IMO: All IMO cargo are accepted except Explosives/Radioactive products, for which approval from the government is required.


Following information to be provided by customer:

  • Export Company or Shipper’s name
  • Commodity/equipment
  • port of loading/port of discharge
  • Monthly volume
  • Weight
  • Validity


Via e-Booking on Following information to be provided by customer:

  • Place of loading
  • Place of delivery
  • Commodity/equipment
  • Time of shipment
  • Shipper’s full style details, same for forwarder
  • Issuance of booking note/empty delivery note to shipper
  • Service contract

Shipping Instructions:

Once customers take delivery of empty containers, following information should be provided by shipper 48 hours before vessel’s arrival:

  • Consignee full name and complete address
  • Notify party name and full address
  • Container number
  • Seal number
  • Freight payment mode and place
  • Third party to pay, if any
  • Packing list if necessary, including weight; VGM (Verified Gross Weight) and number of packages per item

Invoicing/Documents release:

  • Once vessel has sailed/released and cargo is on board*
  • If local and/or freight charges settled, bill of lading can be released to shipper**

* There is a possibility of ‘RECEIVED’ bill of lading issuance
** Only at shipper demand, OBLs can be kept at our side or simply not issued, and a telex release is to be sent enabling consignee to take possession of goods without presentation of OBLs.

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