Country requirement & restriction


We do not accept any used items falling into the category of “toxic waste”.


  • Clear description of cargo and exact number of packages must be provided.
  • All Import Shipments to Guinea must have consignee SCV code with complete details (Guinea address, e-mail and Guinea phone numbers) updated in GCSS under "SCV address", at the stage of documentation itself.
  • All freight collect shipments to Conakry are subject to destination office approval.
  • IMO: According to the regulation in place and to be in accordance with TERMINAL standards, Import containers said to contain class 1, 4 and 6.1 dangerous cargos are systematically subject to direct delivery. In case forwarders should not be able to take straight delivery during vessel’s call, then afore mentioned containers will have to stay on-board.

Customs requirements

Customs have the right to confiscate cargo if not released 90 days after arrival in which case SAFMARINE GUINEE S.A. holds shipper and consignee jointly liable for unsettled freight and local charges.

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