Booking process and cutoffs

Deadline to place new booking 10 days prior vessel arrival
Dry booking confirmation Within 2 hours
Dangerous cargo booking confirmation Within 24-48 hours
Dangerous good declaration submission 48 hours prior vessel arrival
Shipping Instructions submission 48 hours prior vessel arrival
FULL Container Gate-In cut off 24 Hours Prior vessel hours
Verify Copy issuance 8 working hours if Shipping Instruction submitted online
12 working hours if Shipping Instruction submitted manually
Original Bill of Lading /Sea Way BL issuance After Vessel sailing and payment settlement.

Equipment release

Once you receive the “Container Release Order”, you can arrange to pick the empty container along with the Carrier Seals from ACT, Amman Suraqia, or Abhu Ghazaleh control depot, as per your convenience.

You may collect below forms from our office:

  • Empty container release note- To collect empty container
  • Export shipping note – To gate in container full

For containers collected from any of the above depots, an e-mail containing the number of containers needs to be sent to Jo.export@safmarine.com to inform the depot to release the empties.

Demurrage and Detention

Combined Export Detention & Demurrage Charges and free time

Calculation Timeline Gate out - Vessel Cutoff Date

(Amount per day per container)

Equipment Type Detention charges 20ft 40ft
Dry 1-10 days Free Free
Next 10 days USD 10 USD 20
Thereafter USD 20 USD 40
Reefer 1-7 days Free Free
Next 8 days USD 25 USD 50
Next 6 days USD 50 USD 100
Thereafter USD 100 USD 200
Specialized Container 1-10 days Free Free
Day 11 Onwards USD 25 USD 50
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