Country requirement & restriction


  • Import cargo is released on presentation of duly endorsed original bills of lading, duly signed container guarantee forms and payment of all charges due.
  • Invoices for local charges are issued to the consignee and are available 5 days to vessel arrival at Mombasa.
  • If you have any queries on your import shipments, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated Import Customer Service department at


  • Amendments to Transport Documents (Bills of Lading) after manifest is filed with local authorities are not allowed. A manifest corrector must be sent for an amendment after manifest has been filed.
  • "As per attached list" clauses on the bill of lading not allowed as it does not appear in EDI manifest and will lead to manifest amendments. Please ensure all details are updated in the description of goods and appears on the bill of lading.
  • Sea waybills must never be "To Order".
  • Actual Volume (CBM) is mandatory information and must be manifested.
  • Part shipments for different country of destination are strictly not allowed. The EDI manifest captures details at shipment level making it impossible to lodge one shipment for 2 different Place of Delivery. For example it is not possible to have one shipment with a part document for Nairobi and another for Kampala.
  • For shipments with commodity: Used Garments, payat should be prepaid with only local charges collectible at destination K.E.

Prohibited Goods-Imports

  • False money and counterfeit currency notes and coins and any money not being of the established standard in weight or fineness
  • Pornographic materials in all kinds of media, indecent or obscene, printed paintings, books, cards, lithographs or other engravings, and any other indecent or obscene articles.
  • Matches in the manufacture of which white phosphorous has been employed.

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