Customs formalities

All goods shipped to Madagascar as from 1 April 2007, will be subject to the new Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons (BSC) or Cargo Tracking Note procedure. The BSC will replace the previous SGS Inspection Procedure and will have to be electronically submitted either by the exporter or by his forwarding agent before the goods have been shipped. The BSC web-based application is accessible at the following address

The Cargo Tracking Note (BSC) is a modern tool / web-based application allowing the monitoring of importations into Madagascar. This will enable authorities to obtain all necessary information on cargo traffic and generate real time statistics. The procedure has been designed to be as simple as possible.

The BSC registration can be done either online via the BSC hompage, or by contacting the BSC Technical Center in Madagascar (Immeuble Ariane A5 - Enceinte GALAXY - Andraharo - Phone. +261 20 2331097, Fax. +261 20 2321537, Email : ( 

Special Customs Requirements:
•Cargo with a value over USD 1,000 is subject to SGS inspection at origin. Failing which, cargo cannot be customs cleared and will be returned to origin. 
•Customs Manifest Amendments are subject to fines ranging from USD 250 - 1250 per amendment request. Any fines to customs will be debited to the agency requesting the correction. 
•Split bill of lading NOT accepted in Madagascar. For more information, please contact ( 
•With implementation of SYDONIA ++ (Customs Data Processing Systems), shipping agents are required to process house manifests on behalf of forwarders into SYDONIA ++. Therefore, all forwarders having groupage cargo on a particular vessel/voyage are required to submit their house manifests to carrier's agent prior vessel arrivals in any Malagasy ports for successful manifestation. 
•Split Bills of lading after cargo discharge in Madagascar is not allowed as local customs prohibits manifest amendments
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