Beira Port Storage

Beira Port Storage Charges

1. The Late Doc Fee (USD) is charged per container that is on the late submitted document. So if a B/L has 3containers listed and it is submitted late, there will be a late doc charge (USD) 25 x 3 = USD75 extra.

2.  Port storage for normal container, after 12 days free time (non-hazardous).
20´DC is $ 20-00/day.
40´DC is $ 36-00/day.

3. The minimum charge by the port is 7 days port storage for all Hazardous. Being 20´DC Haz $ 350-00 and 40´DC/HC Haz $630-00. Please note:
20’ Haz  is $40/day
40’ Haz is 72-00/day

Should you have any query, please contact your local Safmarine office.

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