Intermodal products

We open IHI to the following Russian locations from November 1, 2014.

The following locations will be available for SD service via ports of St-Petersburg (FCT, PLP) based on non-bonded trucking delivery (cargo customs clearance is to be performed at final discharge port of St –Petersburg by the Client and for his account):

  • Moscow (RUMOW)
  • Moscow region I (contains locations: Balashikha (RUBSH), Noginsk (RUNGK), Khimki (RUKHI), Zheleznodorozhny (RUYK4), Korolev (RUKRV), Mytischi (RUMYT), Pushkino (RUYR1), Lobnya (RULBA), Solnechnogorsk (RUSOK), Podolsk (RUPOD), Klimovsk (RUKLI), Elektrostal ( RUELE), Istra (RU3FD),
  • Moscow region II (contains locations: Klin (RUKLI), Chekhov (RU24A), Serpukhov (RUSKV), Stupino (RUSTU), Orekhovo-Zuevo (RUORZ), Voskresensk (RUVOS), Kashira (RUVV2), Naro-Fominsk (RUZD9), Dmitrov (RUDMI), Obninsk (RUOBN), Domodedovo (RUDOP)
  • Tula (contains locations Tula (RUTLA) and Novomoskovsk (RUNVO)
  • Kaluga (RUKAL)

Rates per stated locations are available in MARS.

Bonded trucking is a possible option, but rates are subject to confirmation from Local Intermodal team (Please apply to and

General info:

  • Inland TRK product includes port forwarding, docs issuing at port, trucking delivery up to the consignee premises and empty container return.
  • Weight limitation in accordance with Russian Legislation is 21 tons for 20/40 Dry/HDRY containers, 20 tons for 40 REEF/HREEF and 19 tons for 20 REEF.
  • Customer is responsible for demurrage at port in case if documents are provided with delays.
  • For non-bonded cargo in case if copy cargo declaration is submitted and removal from the accounting of customs is performed before 10.00 a.m., container pick-up from port is possible the same day.
  • Overweight is subject to negotiation and additional quotation.
  • For expensive/excise cargo under bonded transit customs deposit is a sbj.
  • Additional HS codes exceeding 10 units per 1 BL in transit cargo will add USD 15 per group of 3 additional codes to haulage rates.
  • IMO cargo is not accepted as well as personal belongings and used cars.
  • OOG cargo is subject to confirmation (please apply to and
  • Prolongation or changing of delivery mode from CY port to SD inland location in b/l is subject to confirmation (please apply to and
  • 45HDRY containers delivery is subject to confirmation (Please apply to and
  • Free time/overtime truck detention
    1. Non-bonded option conditions:
      24 hours/ 1 working day free for unloading
    2. Bonded option conditions:
      48 hours/ 2 working days free for customs clearance and unloading

*Truck detention rate is 200 USD per day of detention for non-bonded and 250 USD per day of detention for bonded delivery.

  • Validity of the rates is 3 months

SD requirements:

  • All freight and local charges should be on prepaid basis.
  • DMR if any will be invoiced to shipper.
  • Containers are subject to customs inspection, that costs USD 320 and shall be charged to shipper.
  • We accept on SD containers passed customs clearance in port of discharge (non-bonded), containers in bond status can be accepted after confirmation from Intermodal department only.
  • In case free time on discharge of the truck upon arrival is violated, truck detention will be charged to shipper, USD 200 per day for non-bonded delivery and USD 250 per day for bonded one.
  • Prior confirmation of the booking it should be rechecked with STP import team for approval
  • Currently we accept deliveries to Moscow region from STP, Novorossiysk only.
  • Bookings should be updated as SD in GCSS.
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