Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

VGM – Verified Gross Mass

- VGM is a SOLAS initiative being implemented by International Maritime Organization and World Shipping Council.
This rule is applicable to all countries, carriers , shippers across the globe.
- VGM weight will be used only for the load list and will not be printed in the bill of lading
- VGM can be submitted by the shipper to the carrier using E and Non E-channels and also to the terminal while gate-in of the container.

As Safmarine

- Our website has been enhanced for customers to submit the VGM – Post booking confirmation. They can submit the VGM before, with or post the Shipping Instruction.
- Our internal system GCSS is enhanced to receive, update and transmit the VGM to our load list through GLEO.
- We are ready with the process changes to handle VGM received from customer and to follow up on missing VGM from customers.
- VGM update in GCSS will be handled by the Documentation teams and will required GCSS doc profile access
- Hence, Effective July 1, 2016 carrier will only load containers which has a VGM submitted by shipper.

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