Depot, Demurrage & Detention

Effective 01/01/2017, our structure for Demurrage and Detention will be simplified by offering one combined free time period. The Combined Demurrage & Detention Free Time will be calculated from the day empty container picked up (included) to the day full container loaded on board vessel (included) or the date of full container gate-out from place of receipt terminal (*1&2). For days beyond the free time, you will be charged as per below new standard tariff:

櫃型 貨櫃免費使用期及延滯費率 (以每天每櫃新台幣計價)
Type Size 1-14 days 15 days onwards
Dry 20' Dry Free 1000
40' Dry Free 2000
40' High Free 2000
45' High Free 2000
Type Size 1-10 days 11 days onwards
Special 20' Special Free 700
40' Special Free 1400
Type Size 1-10 days 11 days onwards
Reefer 20' Reefer Free 2500
40' Reef/ Href Free 4000


  • The name of “Demurrage Export” and “Detention Export” are changed as “Combined DnD Export”.
  • The “Combine DnD Export” charge is based on calendar day, and subject to a VAT charge of 5%.
  • Tariff & Free time for Dry Reefer is same as for dry containers.
  • (*1) When the place of receipt is same as the container loading terminal, the Free Time is calculated till full container loaded date, others will be accounted the date of full container gate-out from place of receipt terminal.
    (*2) For Consol & CFS/CY, the free time is calculated from the date of container stuffed i/o empty container pick up. Others regulations are same as (*1).
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