Country requirement & restriction

Import Restrictions

1. For Transhipment container only following commodities must be specified clear in transhipment documentation as Custom authority restrictions. 
Cigarette or Cigars 
Alcohol product/ Wine/ Bear/ Brandy and etc., 
Agricultural produce and Chinese medicine (strictly applies for export from China PRC and region) 

2. The maximum allowable weight of containers (tare weight plus cargo weight) allowed to transported by road in Taiwan is 29,500 kgs. This is a requirement of the Directorate General of Highway, Ministry of Transport and Communications. 
All cargo to be transported by road should be kept within the weight limits. Any cargo that exceeds that allowed limit requires a special permit from the Directorate General of Highway upon the payment of fines to be determined on a case by case basis. 

3. Cargo volume is mandatory information and measurement must be manifested in CBM for custom submission.

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