Country requirement & restriction

Country restrictions for the United States include, but are not limited to:

All containers in transit to or with final destination in the United States (including San Juan, Puerto Rico) require HIGH SECURITY SEALS (plastic seals are not allowed). Failing to meet this requirement may result in customs fines between 1000 to 5000 USD.

Safmarine will not arrange a store door delivery at the personal residence of a private citizen.

All store door delivery locations require a loading dock.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Review information and requirements for Import or Export of food products to/from the United States in the Guidance & Regulation section of the FDA website.

Restricted Commodities

Used tires are a strictly forbidden import commodity due to restrictions by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

Hazardous waste shipments are not accepted into the United States

Personal Effects or Household Goods CANNOT be railed cross border, either Canada to USA or USA to Canada. Door deliveries for personal effects or household goods are prohibited in the USA. Personal effects shall only be accepted if cargo owner has an assigned forwarder to assist with the customs clearance at destination.

UN No. 1402 IMO Class 4.3 CALCIUM CARBIDE and UN No. 1075 Class 2.1 Petroleum Gases are not accepted on any rail service in US and Canada.

Shipments of UN1789 (Hydrochloric Acid) HCL are not acceptable from any ports in India (Export) into North America (Import).

20' reefer containers are not allowed to the United States.

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