Depot, Demurrage & Detention

Charge associated with extended use of the container after agreed transit agreement. The following charges are penalty surcharges when agreed free time has been exceeded and appear on applicable export shipments from South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Export Free Time 20' Dry per day 20' Reef per day 40' Dry per day 40' Reefper day 20' Specialper day 40' Specialper day
Inland location to CPT, EBS & PLZ 12 days USD 47 USD 85 USD 87 USD 169 USD 85 USD 169
Inland location to DUR 10 days
Inland location to Inland location 5days
Coastal location to Coastal location 5days
South African coast to Mozambique 21days

 The charges listed are effective:  01/04/2018 –31/03/2019


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