Country requirement & restriction


Hazardous classes 1, 7 and 9, are all subject to approval before acceptance. 

No acceptance of Used Tyres 

No acceptance of Non DG charcoal

No acceptance of Asbestos

Weight & Measurement - The general road weight limitation is 24 tonnes/20’ and 28 tonnes/40’  including cargo and container tare.  Overweight containers are subject to a fine imposed by the Government. Requests for movement of overweight cargo can be obtained from your nearest Maersk Line office.

45' Containers - No acceptance of 45' containers in South Africa. Customs requirements - Any cargo not customs cleared and release taken within 28 days is considered abandoned. Cargo will be taken to the States warehouse and sold on auction. 

Hazardous Requirement


Port Guidelines (TNPA)

Class 1 / Class 4.1 (Un NO 1944) - all UN numbers require police permits; packing declarations and rail transport except class 1.4 UN 0012 (road haul only).

Direct Delivery to and from a rail truck is allowed except class 1.4 UN 0012 (road haul only). Not allowed to be stacked at the terminal.

The following documents are required to be sent through to us in order for us to apply for acceptance of the commodity with TNPA by eta -7 days.

  • Police permits 
  • DGD 
  • Trem Cards 
  • Stamped CTO 
  • Transporter details (namely transporter name, contact person, after hours contact number, truck registration, driver’s name and driver’s identification number)  

The above required documents must reach us by eta -7 days to prevent additional costs and penalties. If we cannot complete the application with TNPA by the required deadline, these units will not be discharged from the vessel and all costs to retain on board will be for the consignees account.

In addition to the above documents, we will require release to be taken of the shipment 48 hours prior to arrival in order for our port system (NAVIS) to reflect release prior to the vessel berthing. Please note any cargo not released within this 48 hours prior ETA for any commodities that must be discharged in daylight direct to vessel, we will perform carrier haulage to a depot to avoid putting TPT and the vessel at risk. Charges to be recovered from the client. This applies to stopped containers even if the release is received after the 48 hour mark.


Please note, as per Port’s request, we will be updating NAVIS with the Driver details as provided by you - the driver name, cell phone no, vehicle reg and wagon no. The purpose of this is that, just before the container is discharged, TPT will call the driver to ensure that he is in the queue waiting to collect. Please note, if the driver is NOT in the queue, or, if we cannot get hold of the contact person, the container will be retained on board.

This will be our process going forward as well - please ensure that all driver details issued are correct. If they are amended in any way, please ensure you contact Maerskline for us to update the system on your behalf. 


 All other hazardous classes not listed on the advisory requires the following:

  • Stamped CTO
  • DGD 

Important to Note:

1. A Cartage Booking Request (for Direct Delivery to &/or Upliftment from the Vessel and/or Delivery into &/or from Vessel Hazardous Stack) must be forwarded to the Terminal’s Cartage Booking Office prior to RMT(s) reporting to the Terminal.

When the driver reports to the terminal he must have a copy of the above-mentioned documents and all RMT(s) must have Harbour Carrier Permits. In addition they must have an Approved Cartage Booking Request

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