Demurrage Tariff (Storage)

Demurrage Tariff (Storage)
Demurrage days are counted from container discharge to gate-out full minus the free days. Penalty charge associated with extended use of the container after agreed transit agreement and covers storage of these units. The following charges are penalty surcharges when agreed free time has been exceeded and appear on applicable Import shipments to South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland
All container types: Standard demurrage free-time is 3 calendar days from date vessel completes discharge for Durban and 4 calendar days from date vessel completes discharge for Cape Town, Port Elizabeth. For City Deep Inland Container Terminal; see below.

Import Demurrage – General
Demurrage collection aims to serve 2 purposes:
(1) to ensure the release and optimal turnaround of equipment; and (2) recover some contribution towards the cost of idle time, in excess of the standard requirement. The charges become more punitive the longer the container remains unreleased. Charge code used is DMR.
Cleared Containers
All import containers that have been customs cleared and all necessary documentation has been lodged with Safmarine.
Un-cleared containers
All import containers that have not been customs cleared and all necessary documentation has not been lodged with Safmarine.


The charges are effective from: 1 April 2020 – 31 March 2021 

Safmarine Import Demurrage

1.   In the event of the Goods having been landed at any South African Port Terminal or City Deep Inland Container Terminal and the Merchant fails to remove the Goods within the time provided for in the Carrier's tariff,  then notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in any other agreement or document whatsoever, but without prejudice to its rights and liberties in terms thereof including as a matter of contract all benefits under the International Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules relating to bills of lading signed at Brussels on 25th August 1924 ("the Hague Rules"), on which the Carrier may rely at its sole discretion, the Carrier or its Agent shall be entitled but not obliged, without notice to the Merchant, to haul or arrange for the haulage of the Goods from the Terminal to a depot and to their store them pending payment by the Merchant of all outstanding freight, haulage, storage and any other related costs including but not limited to container demurrage, in respect of which expenses, costs and demurrage the Carrier and/or its agent shall be entitled to exercise a lien until paid. Such haulage and storage shall be undertaken on behalf of the Merchant entirely at its sole risk and expense and neither the Carrier nor its agents or sub-contractors shall have any liability to the Merchant for any loss or damage to the Goods, or in respect of any consequential damages, where so ever and how so ever caused, including by their negligence.

2.   Notwithstanding the a foregoing and in the event that the proper law, custom and practice, or a competent court by binding decision, extends the period of responsibility of the Carrier otherwise than in accordance with the terms of any applicable Ocean or Multimodal Transport bill of lading to a period after the Carrier tendering the Goods for delivery in terms of Clause 5.2. of the applicable Bill of Lading Terms for Carriage, whether in contract, delict, bailment or deposit, then the Carrier and its agents and sub-contractors shall have the benefit of every right, defence, immunity, limitation and liberty provided for in the Hague Rules during such additional period of responsibility, notwithstanding that the loss or damage did not occur during the period of the carriage by sea.

3. The Merchant indemnifies the Carrier, its employees, agents and/or sub-contractors against any claim for customs duties, value-added tax, sales tax, penalties, amounts raised in forfeiture, and any other fines, levies or charges whatsoever in respect of the Goods.

For Ocean Transport, the Merchant shall take delivery of the Goods as provided for in clause 22.2 of the Bill of Lading Terms of Carriage, within the above detailed free time applicable to the relevant South African Port Terminal or City Deep Inland Container Terminal.

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