Moving the heavens for earth-moving equipment

20Cube is the leading forwarder for out-of-gauge (OOG) cargo in India. Their customers include some of the top 10 global infrastructure development contractors and turnkey solution providers in the engineering and construction industries, transporting heavy construction machinery to emerging markets such as Africa, Asia and the Far East.

As many of these destinations are challenging due to their lack of infrastructure and difficult terrain, 20Cube relies on Safmarine’s long-term experience in managing OOG shipments in demanding situations. The company also understands that its success depends on its choice of carrier and the relationship it shares with them.


This equipment is on its way to Paraguay, where 

it will be used for excavation work.

Whether it’s a small trucking company or a global carrier like Safmarine, maintaining close relationships is important,” says Vikram Katre, CEO of 20 Cube.

We like to be treated like a partner, not like a vendor. We like sharing information with our carriers as this benefits us – and our customers – later on down the line.


Vikram Katre (left) of 20Cube and Sajit Namboodri (right), Regional Sales Manager for West India, Safmarine.

For example, 20Cube involved Safmarine in the initial stages of a project in West Africa that took place in three months’ time. “Planning well in advance means that my customer will ultimately get the best solution.

The sole reason 20Cube uses Safmarine is because of its expertise in OOG shipments – and, in particular, providing specialist equipment to do the job.


"Flatracks are a scarce commodity,” says Vikram. “But if we tell Radhika Laijawala (Sales Manager, Safmarine India) that we need four flatracks for a certain week, she knows what needs to be done to acquire them. She also knows that delays need to be factored in, which means that bookings for the following week need to be made too. In this way, the team at Safmarine always make an extra effort to understand our needs and those of our customers.

Vikram also places great value on Safmarine’s ability to provide a great customer experience. “Safmarine has a very personal touch, which reflects the mutual trust that we have in our working relationship,” he says with a smile.

This is a service business. You can sign any number of contracts and legal documents, but in the end this is a one-to-one relationship built on trust. It’s as simple as that.

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