Safmarine celebrates 70 years with customers

On its 70th year in the industry, Safmarine inspires a brighter future through mutually successful partnerships with customers

Founded on June 21, 1946 in South Africa, Safmarine today is an international shipping carrier known for its customer-focused and personable way of doing business. As Safmarine reaches its 70th year, its priority remains to continuously grow with customers and deliver value-adding service to them. By bringing 70 years of shipping expertise focusing on trade related to Africa and West and Central Asia, Safmarine helps customers explore and realise success in some of the world’s fastest growing economies.

Today, Safmariners around the globe celebrate and recognise this milestone with customers. Events in local offices highlight the ongoing journey with partners and Safmarine’s unwavering commitment to support the shipping needs of customers worldwide.

“Seven decades of putting customers first – we celebrate this milestone and acknowledge that this achievement is not possible without our customers, who are part of our growth and journey, and the great efforts of dedicated and passionate Safmariners. I believe our 70th year will define and shape the brand for further success in the future,” shares David Williams, Global Head of Safmarine.

Watch the video below about how Safmarine embraces its roots and looks forward to inspiring a brighter future for customers. 

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