What Safmarine Customers need to know about the Rickmers Holding Insolvency

Dear Customers,

When our industry experiences changes, we know the most important thing is to understand how they might affect you and your business. Your concerns are our priorities, and we’d like to answer your questions.

Regarding the recent announcement that Rickmers Holding has applied for insolvency, we do not currently expect to see any impact to your cargo moving with Safmarine.

The Maersk Group, including Safmarine, operates a fleet consisting of 639 vessels. Six of these are charter vessels formerly owned by Rickmers, and an additional 12 vessels are chartered by Rickmers. In total, these 18 vessels make up around 4% of our total vessel capacity. The Maersk Group expects operations of these 18 vessels should continue unaffected, under the supervisory entity acting on behalf of the creditors.

If required, we expect the real owners to transfer the management of these vessels to other operators in the markets with no impact on the fulfilment of current contracts. The same stability is expected for the operation of Rickmers vessels chartered by our partners in vessel sharing agreements.

We’re committed to continuously monitoring the situation and staying in close communication with the right people in the shipping industry. If there are any unexpected developments, we’ve established contingency plans to minimise the potential impact to any of your cargo and we will keep you informed.

We know the stability of your business is important, and we’re proud that you choose to trust us with your cargo. We look forward to continuing a partnership with you towards a bright future.

If you have any questions or if you’d just like to chat with us, our local Safmarine representatives would love to hear from you! You can find contact information for the office closest to you on this site.

Together we go places.

Yours sincerely,


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