In the spotlight: Rania Mosaad

“Identify your priorities and work on them”, advises Safmarine Egypt Country Manager Rania Mosaad, one of the many inspiring female talents in Europe Region.


On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, we present Rania Mosaad, Safmarine Country Manager from Egypt.

Rania joined the company in 2007 in Maersk Logistics (now Damco) as ocean freight coordinator and subsequently worked in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Pricing over the next three years. In 2011 Rania joined Safmarine as Customer Service Manager, before being promoted in 2015 to the position of Safmarine Egypt Country Manager, which she has held since then.

Reward yourself

 “When I look at my career development, I don’t feel that my gender has ever made any difference or has been a hiring factor”, shares Rania. “In my view, being able to keep a healthy work-life balance is a much more important factor for women.”

Rania is very clear on what advice she would give to her fellow working female colleagues: “Take care of yourselves! Stay energetic, maintain good health, lead a healthy lifestyle, relax and do what you really like to do - whether it’s travel, music, sports, yoga or Zumba”. When it comes to work, Rania advises to “identify your priorities and work on them. Define your short- and long-term successes and reward yourself for achieving those. Stay positive, think and react positively and finally – enjoy positive results.”

Flexibility is key

Asked about other diversity aspects our company should focus on, Rania believes flexibility plays a key role in enabling people to perform at their best regardless of their situation. “What matters at work is productivity and results, and not working hours. This is especially important for working mothers, daughters, sisters.” Another important element is maternity policy, which makes a difference in retaining working mothers in the company.

“I had a personal situation a while back that required me to attend my mother at the hospital during the day and come to the office at night, as I didn’t want to miss out on my work. I was lucky to have a manager who understood the situation and helped me accommodate this unusual work routine without compromising my family obligations”, Rania shares.

In Rania’s opinion, Maersk company values are more than enough to attract women to the company, which she perceives as safe, inclusive and non-discriminatory environment. She also believes women aspire to managerial roles, so the company needs to support their development. “We must focus on talents and retain them in the company, because they are our future leaders”, concludes Rania.

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