Cyber Disruption Update

Dear customer,

We hope you have had a good and productive week. We would like to provide you with a brief update on our road to full recovery.

Transport Plan Notifications

We know that transport plan notifications from are important to the planning of your logistics and supply chain. After extensive work in clearing the backlog, we will re-activate this feature on Monday and start sending out notifications, including ETA. Until then, you can look up your transport plan on at your convenience.

Cargo Readiness & Shipping Instructions

Our priority is to keep your cargo moving. Starting Monday, we will resume the cargo readiness check-list and reach out to you for missing activities required to load your cargo as planned.

You can help us by submitting missing Shipping Instructions through This becomes even more important as we transition into normal advanced manifest and customs compliance procedures in full during next week.

How can we help you?

Tracking containers, viewing transport plans, documentation and invoices are some of your most pertinent queries. We kindly encourage you to utilise where you will find all this information and more, in a speedy way. We also continue to keep you informed on latest local status via and your regular local contacts.

We wish you a great weekend and thank you once again for your persistent patience, trust and understanding. We are grateful to have customers like you.

The Safmarine team

12th July

We would like share with you a mid-week update, as we are steadily getting closer to business as normal.

We are very grateful to see that so many customers are using our systems in full, and are back in contact with our customer service teams. In case any of you are concerned about booking new shipments with us, we would like to reassure you that we are ready to handle your business through our booking channels and main customer service lines.

We are very pleased to share that we are now fully up-to-date on the short-term quotations you requested. We look forward to responding to all your new rate inquiries. As previously advised, we honour all rates communicated and have retroactively reflected those agreements for the shipments in our custody.

Furthermore, we recognise the disturbance caused to your business, and will therefore waive Demurrage and Detention during the period when the system outage impacted our ability to release your cargo. In most places this period covers June 27 – July 9, but there may be local variations based on when the containers were made available for import release.

We are also progressing on issuing invoices. You will be able to see your invoices on under MyFinance as of today, Thursday, and invoices will be sent to customers with an EDI link. Local variances may occur and the distribution of invoices will take place over the coming days.

For your imports, the delivery process continues to be operational, although we acknowledge that the experience is slow in some locations due to manual processing. We are working hard on improving within this week as we switch to automated solutions.

We acknowledge that where progress is being made, you may still encounter delays in response time and feel reluctant to return your full booking volumes with us. Rest assured that no one feels more committed to alleviate your concerns, and we are diligently working through backlogs and manual processes to be able to serve you effectively again.

Tracking on is now fully up-to-date and where you find guidance to plan your shipments is now also live again.

As we move into more normal operations, we will be providing you updates three times a week. The next communication will be on Friday.

Thank you once again for your continued trust, understanding and for your business.

The Safmarine Team

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