Rhine River - Low Water Surcharge

July 25th, 2019

Dear Customer,

Due to recent low water levels on the river Rhine, we wish to inform you about the applicable low water surcharges:

Measuring Point surcharges (applies to laden container only)
Pegel KAUB* 20' 40'
< 1,51m EUR 30 EUR 40
< 1,31m EUR 45 EUR 60
< 1,11m EUR 60 EUR 75
< 1,01m EUR 75 EUR 100
< 0,91m EUR 100 EUR 135
< 0,81m EUR 175 EUR 225
< 0,71m EUR 240 EUR 300
< 0,61m EUR 320 EUR 425
< 0,51m EUR 475 EUR 625
< 0,41m EUR 600 EUR 775
< 0,31m EUR 775 EUR 950
*Covers Middle- / Upper Rhine up to and incl. Basel

Measuring Point surcharges (applies to laden container only)
Duisburg Ruhport** 20' 40'
< 2,71m EUR 20 EUR 25
< 2,51m EUR 40 EUR 52
< 2,26m EUR 60 EUR 75
< 2,01m EUR 85 EUR 100
< 1,81m EUR 125 EUR 180
< 1,61m EUR 165 EUR 260
*Covers Lower Rhine up to and incl. Bonn
  • Low Water Surcharge levels according to the Electronic Waterways Information System (www.elwis.de)
  • Export shipments: Date of empty container delivery at customer´s facility
  • Import shipments: Date of pick-up of full container at mainliner´s discharge terminal

These costs are charged to Maersk and will be passed directly to our customers. Kindly note that if water levels are below 81cm at Kaub, we cannot give a loading guarantee anymore.

The low water situation is an exceptional and unforeseeable situation that is beyond our control and cannot be predicted, neither the severity nor the duration.

Our partnership is important to us and we are happy to give you solutions that will make your shipping experience with us a comfortable and seamless one.  If you have any questions on low water, please feel free to get in touch with your local Safmarine agent.

Together we go places.  

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